Perras de reserva

Ciudad de México: Editorial Sexto Piso, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 139p., indices, wrps. New. Item #80161
ISBN: 9786078619658

“I entrusted myself to the Devil because God does not stop doing this”, tells us one of the narrators of the thirteen stories that make up Perras de reserva, the great first book by Dahlia de la Cerda, winner of the 2019 Comala National Young Short Story Award. , which is now published in a new revised and expanded version. And it is that she knows very well that "Escaping from this does not depend on trying hard, on wanting to get ahead", before entering a criminal life without return. A bit like what happens with Yuliana, the macabrely endearing heiress to the throne of a drug lord. Or with her best friend Regina of hers and her desire to have "a buff boyfriend with designer clothes that were not from Zara and who instead of having Sphynx cats had pet lions." Or with "the best witch in the region", who offers her services through her Facebook page, and he agrees with the devil to help him with the neighbor whose dogs jump into the witch's yard to relieve themselves. And it is that the protagonists of Perras de reserva share the difficulties and dangers involved in the mere fact of being born women, and they face them with the resources that life offers them, forced to formulate their own categories to locate the border between good and evil. wrong. And they always tell us about their lives in the first person, making us an intimate part of their way of inhabiting the world, with a highly oral and colloquial language, almost always loaded with a strong dose of black humor. As if only through the story of their adventures and misadventures will these memorable protagonists find the redemption consisting of existing timelessly, through the powerful and highly original literature of Dahlia de la Cerda.

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