Memorias de la Academia Mexicana de la Lengua. Tomo XXXVI [2010]

Ciudad de México: Academia Mexicana de la Lengua, 2018. First Edition. Paperback. 388p., tables, bibl., musical notation, wrps. New. Item #80154
ISBN: 9786079830519

During the year covered by this volume xxxvi (2010), the Mexican Academy of Language (aml) incorporated a tenured academic and three others were elected, in addition to the entry of a corresponding academic. No honorary academics were appointed in the period. The Academy suffered during 2010 the irreparable loss of five academics, three numeraries, one honorary and one correspondent. This year, 20 regular sessions were held; 15 of them were held at the academic headquarters, five were held in other places: three at the Casa Lamm Culture Center, one at the Humanities Coordination of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (unam) and another more in the facilities of the National Sound Library. On four occasions the ordinary sessions were followed by other solemn public sessions, which were dedicated to various commemorations and tributes.

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