El tejido social rasgado. Conferencias de El Colegio Nacional

Ciudad de México: Ediciones Era, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 176p., indices, wrps. New. Item #79755
ISBN: 9786074456097

Since the beginning of the century, violence has been inherent in Mexico's transition to a new order. This violence has been interpreted as a consequence of a moral crisis: a rupture of the “social fabric”, a metaphor that alludes to the community as a series of interdependent social actors and at the same time as a network of fragile ties. In this book, Claudio Lomnitz proposes that this tear does not originate in an ethical crisis, but in the retraction of the State, which has lost its ability to regulate the informal economy and the illicit economy, handing them over to organized crime; it is, therefore, the main symptom of the formation of a new State, which has a high degree of sovereignty but little regulation of its police and criminal justice apparatus.
"El Tejido Social Rasgado" brings together the six conferences of Claudio Lomnitz's first cycle as a member of El Colegio Nacional. In each of them we find an intelligent and vital analysis to explain the origins and nature of the economic, social and political changes that are at the root of our current violence.

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