Religiones y espacios públicos en América Latina

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, México: CLACSO, Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos Avanzados CALAS, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 676p., photos, indices, wrps. New. Item #79732
ISBN: 9789877228250

Latin America, like many other regions of the planet, is experiencing the recomposition of relations between the sphere of religion and public space, that of the borders and relations between these spaces and that of the entities involved in these relations (the State, the public and religious).

This volume offers a Latin American overview and an undoubtedly plural perspective: it addresses both studies on Catholicism and Protestantism as well as Pentecostal and neo-Pentecostal churches and shows, at the same time, other less visible activisms, but no less relevant for them, such as are those related to alternative or holistic spiritualities or worldviews with indigenous or native roots.

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