El corazón del daño

México: Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, Literatura Random House, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 143p., wrps. new. Item #79597
ISBN: 9786073816298

The heart of the damage, this open and complex literary device, recovers the domestic dictionary of insults and threats, where words project their foreboding power from the distant family home and turn dreams into nightmares. private collection; reckoning with a desperate and desperate mother; disassembly of a life that goes from symbiosis to confrontation, from fleeing from the family home to revolutionary secrecy, from migration to self-discovery through writing, The Heart of Damage is an open and complex literary device that seeks , in the words of its author, to be faithfully “a census of illegible scenes”. With a direct and voluptuous narrative at the same time, Negroni resorts to the intimate note, the shrewd observation, the urban commentary, the political chronicle.

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