Estamos a salvo

Buenos Aires: Seix Barral, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 216p., indices, wrps. new. Item #79482
ISBN: 9789878319735

'The alligator's eyes were watery and warm, like those of someone who has just cried and doesn't want it to show. Sensing some agitation in the animal, she wanted to show understanding and passed her hand across the golden threshold.' For the protagonists of these stories, mostly women and children, other people, as well as the animal world and natural phenomena, are both a mirror of their behavior and reactions, and a source of omnipresent, atavistic dangers. From 'Sobras', where the father of the narrator's friend has an alligator as a pet, to 'Sad kingdom animal', which narrates the affair of a mature actress with a much younger sound engineer, passing through the stunned mother of ' Plants without a guardian' or by the husband trapped in a shopping mall of 'The sky is always background', An air of stalking hovers over the characters, forcing them to maintain a constant state of alert, like that of an animal in the jungle. Author of Accidents and The day the light went out, Camila Fabbri offers a set of stories that stand out for their crudeness and unsettling pace. In all of them there is a conflict that is not made explicit but that accumulates tension from one to the other. And yet, despite the human frailty they show, the possibility of renewing and surviving is as real as the magnitude of the threats.

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