La Plaza de la bandera y el derrumbe del pacto secreto de la corrupción

Santo Domingo: Editorial Luma, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 459p., photos, glossary, bibl., wrps. new. Item #79344
ISBN: 9789945618570

"La Plaza de la Bandera y el Derrumbe del Secreto de la Corrupción" is a journey through the main social and political events of the last fifty years in the Dominican Republic and the rest of Latin America, revealing at each stage the pact that has existed between the economic and political elites since post-trujillism to maintain a kind of perverse ecumenism that has led the country to assume corruption and impunity as an endemic culture and whose agreement had its turning point in the events of the Plaza de la Bandera of 2020.

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