Historia y lingüística guaraní. Homenaje a Bartomeu Melià

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: SB Editorial (Serie: Historia Americana, Paradigma indicial/ Guillermo Wilde; 42), 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 379p., illus., tables, bibl., wrps. New. Item #79309
ISBN: 9789878384931

Editores Ignacio Telesca y Alejandra Vidal

In this work, studies are shared from history, sociology, pedagogy and linguistics that account for the validity and richness of Guarani, written by the most important specialists in the respective areas .
It is also published in homage to Bartomeu Melià who was, in the best Renaissance style, one of the deepest scholars of Guarani. His research in the fields of history, language, anthropology and language policies were pioneering and made new approaches possible . From the 1960s to the present, Melià has been a must for those who immerse themselves in the Guarani world.

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