Retablo barroco: visiones y horizontes de lo exuberante No.27

Bogotá: Facultad de Filosofía y Facultad de Teologia, Editorial Bonaventuriana, 2009. First Edition. Paperback. 283p., tables, graphics, wrps. New. Item #79213
ISBN: 9789588422923

The faithful fulfillment of its mission, in our case implies the dissemination of articles on philosophy and theology that emerge from the research, from "the recognition of the centrality of the person, the everyday, plurality, creativity and dialogical-fraternal relationship, which emerge from the spirit of Franciscanism». But associated with this purpose are also counted: the positioning of the journal in the various academic communities, the growing diffusion through print and digital media, the maintenance of the high quality of the content presented, the recognition of the indexing entities of national and international order. , as well as the projection of a permanent job. This issue wants to continue reporting our commitment to take on these challenges.

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