Los inmigrantes antillanos en Panamá

Panamá: Editorial Biblioteca Nacional, Editora Novo Art, 2018. First Edition. Paperback. 203p., wrps. new. Item #79181
ISBN: 9789962712077

The West Indian community in the Republic of Panama identified with the Isthmus long before the advent of the Republic in 1903. Frederick Upham Adams, in his work Conquest of The Tropics, argues that: The original Migration took place when blacks were enslaved in Jamaica , or in some other British colony. A large number of these immigrants from the surrounding Caribbean islands came to these shores to work on the construction of the Panama Railroad in the 1850s. Then, during the 1870s and 1880s, another group of West Indian immigrants arrived on the Isthmus. before the demand for workers for the French Canal projects, under the direction of Fernando de Lesseps. This migratory process gave rise to serious social and economic problems, to such a degree that these immigrants were forced to form labor leagues in favor of defending their economic interests. In the month of May 1884, more than 18,000 workers appeared on the payroll, perhaps the largest number of workers during a given period of French administration. Many of these came from Barbados, Saint Lucia and Martinique, much of it from Jamaica. Bocas del Toro was founded by black immigrants from the Caribbean Islands, such as San Andrés and Vieja Providencia, at the beginning of the 19th century. There is evidence that reveals that the ancestors of these blacks had settled in these low and desert lands two and a half centuries earlier. Due to the failure of the French Canal, many returned to their native lands, while others remained in these places, they formed a family and integrated into the life of the peoples of the Isthmus. Due mainly to the cultural contacts that then existed.

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