La Marina Real británica y la Guerra del Pacífico, 1879-1881 Diarios y acuarelas de Rudolph de Lisle

Lima: PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA, Fondo Editorial, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 199p.,color plates, illus., indices, wrps. New. Item #78899
ISBN: 9786123177119

What does Aristotle say in Paris that other stories of medieval philosophy do not say? The author characterizes the thinkers of that long period as dedicated to a task: to rationally understand "the Christ event". In the process, the impact of the Aristotelian conception of science, which seduced medieval minds as the great temptation, occupies a central place. In this sense, it shows how knowledge of the natural world, expressed through analytical language, ended up naturalizing the traditional understanding of the supernatural that European Christian culture had. The fascination of European culture for science was gestated in «the womb of Modernity», which is what Bacigalupo calls medieval scholasticism. From then on, Christian theology and philosophy embarked on a self-defeating imitation of scientific knowledge, which places secularization and the culture of disenchantment as its main historical effects. Nevertheless, throughout the story, the author raises some crucial questions about the possibilities that remain open for the founding story of Christianity in our era.

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