La mirada de las plantas

Mexico City: Almadia Ediciones, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 257p., wrps. New. Item #78799
ISBN: 9786078764952

Rai is a psychiatrist hired to participate in a project that seeks to emulate, through virtual reality, the hallucinogenic effects of a powerful Amazonian plant. His job consists of supervising the volunteers who take controlled doses of the mythical "Alita del cielo", a routine task that soon gives rise to boredom. Isolated due to the almost secret location of the laboratory, the employees have sessions of recreational use of the drug, which soon generates sequels in Rai, since the intense lysergic experiences awaken in him episodes that until then had been hidden in his unconscious: a history of abuse by part of her, a complicated mother figure whose success is the result of the exchange of sexual favors between men of power and the hostesses who worked in her agency, the sudden separation of a sister who walked out of his life without explanation. In parallel, the protagonist participates in tests of virtual reality technology at the hands of Dr. Dunn, his former teacher and director of the project.

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