Música lunar

Toluca: Secretaría de Cultura y Turismo del Gobierno del Estado de México (Colección Letras, Poesía), 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 121p., illus., indices, wrps. New. Item #78752
ISBN: 9786074903546

In this book everything happens in secret, in the mystery of the adoration of the terrible Goddess who feeds on inspiration and rides on chills: a sow that eats lives, a cow that mooes stars, a mare that floods the vault of the soul with vaginal liquor.
Lunar music is the logbook of a revelation. Not the muses: the Muse. If the Muse responds to the poem that invokes her, the boar on which the naked Goddess rode destroys the cage in which we had imprisoned him; A nymph rises from each felled tree, setting fire to the axeman's eyes with its naked light: the ax falls, turned into a rabbit. If the Muse responds, the female leaves the herd of females and transforms into the Female. Man, then, rediscovers his soul. The cosmic terror arises that will order us again.

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