Entre rieles y vapor transcurre la vida. Cotidianidad laboral y uso del tiempo libreo de los trabajadores ferrocarrileros en México

Puebla: Gobierno del Estado de Puebla, Secretaria de Cultura de Puebla, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 252p., photos, bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #78750
ISBN: 9786079390631

In his book, Frederick Thierry gives a little-known insight into the history of the train. Through seven narratives related to the railroad, in the book "Entre Rieles y Vapor Transcurre la Vida", the way in which the history of railroads in Mexico has been lived and built from everyday work and the use of free time is evoked.The volume, authored by Frederick Thierry Palafox, proposes that the locomotives, trains, tracks or stations are not the most important when talking about this means of transport, but rather the men and women who, with their life stories, have forged over almost 200 years. In the text published by the Ministry of Culture of Puebla, therefore, "it is intended to remember, dream, admire and learn through the written word and the photographic image", so that in their conjunction the imagination and reality are evoked. that will lead the reader to approach the landscapes, experiences and ways of feeling of railway workers, passengers, families and friends who share their memories. In his introduction, the anthropologist and historian points out that delving into the subject of railways is "exciting" at the same time that it branches into various topics: from the historical, through its economic dimension and investigating the way in which the railway has been embedded in national history and culture.

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