Contra el autoritarismo

Mazatlan: Cal y Arena, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 123p., indices, wrps. New. Item #78678
ISBN: 9786078564354

In Defense of Democracy. It was the result of concern about the course that the current government was taking, especially in political matters. The slow, complicated and difficult democratization process in the country was not recognized or valued by the current administration, and rudeness began to appear that did not herald anything good.

Two years later, also in March, but now in 2021, I once again deliver to Cal y Arena a series of materials that unfortunately confirm that what several generations have built in terms of democracy may not only soften, but even disappear, because the president does not does not understand or value the legality to which it must submit, it does not assimilate that it heads the most important constitutional power, but that it is not the only will that is present on the stage and that it has turned into a sad custom the automatic disqualification of any judgment contrary to the theirs, whether from the media, civil organizations, parties or other state institutions.

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