Malvinas. Su contexto histórico 1520-1982

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: Editorial Dunken, 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 478p., maps, photos, facsimiles, tables, bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #78658
ISBN: 9789878512686

Much has been written about the Malvinas Islands, its bibliography is very wide, abundant and varied, including different topics related to: war, its history, its geostrategic value, and the exploitation of its natural resources. MALVINAS Its historical context 1520-1982; As its name indicates, it is a text through which it was sought to compile the set of events that surrounded the archipelago in 462 years; including topics that involve not only the characteristics of the islands; its possible discoverers and settlements; the colony of Luis Vernet; the American destruction of Port Luis; the English dispossession in 1833; the Argentine claims and the International Organizations; but also, a brief description of the British Empire is incorporated; the beginnings of Argentina after the Viceroyalty, that allow to offer answers to several questions; analyzing the links between Malvinas and Argentine Patagonia, Great Britain and the south of Chile; the influence of the commercial monopoly of the FIC, which hindered the possible agreements and transfer of sovereignty to our country; Antarctica, the Argentine-Chilean conflicts before 1982; On the other hand, through the collection of data, the chronological narration was included, how were the population settlements administered by the English, their churches, the maritime activity, the passing of the daily life of these people, of different nationalities, settlers, fishermen and adventurers of the seas, who ended up settling in that place, with varied customs, creeds and religions, but who finally took root and got used to that distant, wild, solitary, but captivating, sector of Argentine territory. With the desire that your contribution contributes to the knowledge of the history of the Malvinas, but at the same time allows to dispel some doubts, strengthening with certainty, our sovereignty over the archipelago, we trust that this book will be to the liking of the readers.

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