Estética(s) del cine: Sabotaje de un falso arte

Bogotá: Editorial Aula de Humanidades (Colección: Cine y Artes Escénicas), 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 255p.,bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #78617
ISBN: 9789585111929

Sabotage has become one of the strategies of various contemporary practices, among which, without a doubt, art stands out. To this extent, artists sabotage classical art, the hegemonic forms of the present, the politically correct. The cinema, not without difficulty, has tried to win a place in the canon of fine arts, but, more importantly, it has questioned the very meaning of the artistic. It is in this field that this book is inscribed. However, this is not a defense of cinema as art. It seeks, in another route, to sabotage the concepts that, over the years, have been central to defining this unique medium. To this extent, reflection moves to the aesthetic field which, put lightly, is broader and less pretentious than the artistic. Therefore, we believe, cinema as an art form ends up sabotaged. The cinema appears, then, interpreted from a modification of the concepts with which the tradition of film studies has operated. From an apparently semantic change, the operation of the so-called seventh art in the 21st century is reviewed, whose inclination in terms of operation directs it to the digital universe.

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