Badajoz: Artistas Martínez Ediciones (Colección Pulpas No. 43), 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 187p., wrps. New. Item #78597
ISBN: 9788412435344

Pandora Ferreira-Bisset, a contemporary artist influenced by the spiritual movement Universal Menstrual Energy, is organizing the preparations for the opening in Zurich of her retrospective: Hemoderivadas, a title that pays homage to a career in constant dialogue with the "essential" feminine and associated meanings traditionally to blood. Narrated in the form of a triptych, it is presented in three different registers: the artist's present in the hours prior to the exhibition; the hilarious descriptions of the pieces and the gallery texts by her curator, Renata Longhinini; and the voice of Estelita, a teenager recruited to execute Nemesis, the controversial final performance and central axis on which this story is structured. Ana Llurba dissects, in this satire of the world of contemporary art, the cracks in the two pillars of our time: à la carte materialism confronted with a spirituality that is bought at the stroke of a TPV. An irreverent polyphony that is consolidated in the dialogue between art and fiction, crossing the reader's gaze with ruthless humor.

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