El jardinero, el escultor y el fugitivo

Barcelona: Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial (Biblioteca César Aira), 2022. First Edition. Paperback. 138p., indices, wrps. New. Item #78593
ISBN: 9788439739555

A mature writer, concerned about the depression suffered by his gardener, enters the recesses of an Edenic garden that hides the most disturbing secrets.
A consecrated sculptor of ancient Greece embarks on a bumpy journey to an oracle in search of advice to treat his assistant, also stalked by the monster of melancholy and unease.
Finally, an ordinary man mired in the infirmities of age yearns for the freedom to be persecuted and to escape. For this he needs to commit a crime and become a true fugitive.

"El Jardinero, El Escultor y El Fugitivo" an be read as three short novels or as one novel in three parts with an intricate set of variations. Around it orbit the passage of time, the loss of youth, melancholy, the vanity of the artist and a reflection on the nature of literature, creation and writing itself. This as unusual and unpredictable as magnetic book is added to the rich framework that constitutes the splendid work of César Aira.

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