La exaltación de la cruz. Editión de Ignacio Arellano

Madrid: Iberoamericana/ Vervuert (Biblioteca Áurea Hispánica, 149, Comedias competas de Calderón, 27), 2022. First Edition. Hardcover. 216p., indices, wrps. New. Item #78579
ISBN: 9788491922605

"La Exaltación de la Cruz" elaborates the legend of the rescue of the cross, captivated by the Persian king Cosdroas and recovered by the emperor Heraclius. Calderón collects elements of the golden legend, and organizes the components of his work according to structures of binary conflicts: two sons of Cosdroas (Menardes and Siroes) opposed in everything; two kings, Cosdroas and Heraclius, pagan and Christian, faced in a war of religious nuances); two sages, Anastasio and Zacarías, pagan and Christian, who develop a theological debate, which leads to Anastasio's conversion. Add other varied elements, some typical of the Palatine genre, such as the love motifs around Clodomira; others, such as theological debates, close to the world of the auto sacramental. An entire conglomerate coherently arranged and brilliantly conceived for a spectacular staging, an example of Calderón's theatrical mastery. This edition, based on a manuscript from the National Library of Spain, reflects for the first time the most complete and authentic text of the work.

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