Conflicto y reconciliación. España y las naciones hispanoamericanas en el siglo XIX

Madrid: Marcial Pons, Ediciones Jurídicas y Sociales (Colección Historia Contemporánea de América), 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 503p., tables, bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #78357
ISBN: 9788413813073

The Spanish-American independences abruptly interrupted not only political, but also demographic, economic and cultural relations that for almost three hundred years had closely linked Spain with its American territories, now emancipated. Spanish resistance to recognizing the independence of its former colonies delayed the start of the process of normalizing its relations with the new American states until the second third of the nineteenth century. This prolonged lack of communication meant that the old ties were partly blurred, while the former metropolis -far from its status as a great imperial power- and the young Latin American nations followed different paths.
This collective work analyzes from different perspectives some of the main facets of this reunion, whose development led to the progressive normalization of relations between Spain and the new American nations. A process conditioned by the interventionist impulses of Elizabethan Spain and the declining Spanish presence in Cuba and Puerto Rico, but also by the progressive reestablishment of migratory, commercial and cultural relations that would contribute to redefining on new bases the links between both shores of the Atlantic , causing these to begin to gain the importance that they would reach during the 20th century.

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