Los márgenes de la esclavitud: resistencia, control y abolición en el Caribe y América Latina

Madrid: Editorial Dykinson, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 350p., maps, tables, graphics, bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #78341
ISBN: 9788413779898

"Los Márgenes de la Esclavitud" brings together essays that investigate different aspects of African slavery in Latin America and the Caribbean related to the experiences of the enslaved, the masters, and the authorities. It also deals with the justification of slavery that was made from different sectors, contained in speeches, laws and images that built an imaginary and forms of action that emerged and survive in daily practice. Throughout the work, racial discrimination underlies, as it is an important phenomenon in slave and racialized societies. Skin color was one of the factors that established social, economic and cultural differences, and generated perceptions, fears and rejections. An important block of studies focuses on slavery as a legal institution subject to complex regulation. Royal orders, edicts of good government, decrees, regulations and codes that were dictated over the centuries formed a complex legislative body of great interest and utility to learn about the slave system from the inside, as well as the loopholes it left to the serfs to fight for their rights. The slave was not a passive subject. The documentation tells us about the possibility that they had to request some right or, for example, to change owners. The manumission was present from the ordering of the Latin American slave societies in the sixteenth century as part of the Roman and Castilian legal tradition.

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