Un novohispano entre Asia y Portugal. sodomía y movilidad, desde un proceso inquisitorial del siglo XVII

San Luis Potosi: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas, El Colegio de San Luis, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 130p., maps, bibl., indice, wrps. New. Item #78262
ISBN: 9786073045902

On November 16, 1657, the court of the Holy Office of Lisbon issued an arrest warrant against the soldier Pedro de Medina, a native of Mexico in the Indies of Castile, a black man of the face, with a black beard and hair, with locks that reached his shoulders, dressed in clothes and leggings in the Asian style. With this order, a process would begin that in its pages would take us back to his native Mexico, to his stay in the Philippines as a soldier of the King of Spain, to his adventures as a slave in the Mogor kingdom and, finally, as a prisoner in a Dutch ship. All this was structured by the prohibited homoerotic relationships that were the reason for his confinement in the Lisbon prisons of the Inquisition. With the story of Medina —a man who, like many, was just one more piece in the complex network of squares that chess represented in that globalized world of the 17th century—, Armando Hernández Soubervielle will allow us to look at the reconfigurations of Southeast Asia under cover of the misfortune of the Iberian monarchies and the power of the Asian kingdoms and the Protestant European powers. Delving into the interstices of an inquisitorial process where Medina's impulses emerge, we will also approach the complex world of politics, religion and sex between men, in a journey that will almost circumnavigate the world, putting that other way into perspective. of mobility, the forced one, which was also part of the future of the men of that century. Rescued from that island of lonely men who were the galleys of the King of Portugal, Pedro de Medina will leave the oar and the complicity of male affection for a moment, to invite us to see that other reality through his eyes.

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