Persecución y modorra: la Inquisición en la Nueva España

Ciudad de México: Editorial Turner de México, 2019. First Edition. Paperback. 142p., bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #78247
ISBN: 9786077711292

Ursula Camba Ludlow takes a unique tour of the history of the court of the Novohispano Holy Office, showing us a mosaic of human beings and situations ranging from the tragic to the picturesque, unknown beyond the academic sphere. The author dissects the processes and returns to those involved (prisoners, judges, witnesses, relatives and enemies) a voice that allows us to hear echoes of the viceregal past: from the rich merchant to the black slave, to a diverse range of characters. We can know what prisoners ate, feared or longed for, to learn of the sometimes fatal, sometimes elusive, outcome of the trials. These images form a diverse puzzle that shows us the complex dynamics of the court and its undoubted imprint on the life society, which can be traced back to the present day.

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