Una cartografía de las letras de México (1848-1876). Historia de la literaturas en Mexico, Siglo XIX; 2

Ciudad de México: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Coordinación de Humanidades, Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas, Instituto de Investigaciones Bibliográficas, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (Historia de la literaturas en Mexico, Siglo XIX), 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 490p., photos, facsimiles, tables, bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #78169
ISBN: 9786073043366

It is often said that, between 1848 and 1867, the political and war turbulence (internal revolts, the war with the United States, the Reformation and the Empire) impeded the social and cultural development of the country, that the production of literature was scarce or little representative of a medium romanticism. Convinced that it is a more complex process, the works gathered in this book propose a different historical route, which brings the reader closer to a broader cultural panorama of the period, which allows us to observe that, between 1848 and 1867, literature, if Although it did not find a fertile territory nor did it have a dazzling moment of fertile or outstanding works, it did find spaces and moments of formation and cultivation, which were published significant, revealing and valuable texts.

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