Democracias en sociedades fracturadas. Herencias y límites de los regímenes políticos en América Latina

San Luis Potosi: El Colegio de San Luis (Colección Investigaciones), 2020. First Edition. Paperback. 254p., tables, graphics, bib., indices, wrps. New. Item #78129
ISBN: 9786078666911

"Democracias en Sociedades Fracturadas" is articulated around two questions: what are the problematic legacies of the transition to democracy that currently condition democratic development in Latin American countries? And how are the specific configurations of democracy intertwined with the central social problems for the present and future of each country? However, advancing in its reading we find answers to others: how have our democracies developed?, how have we given them life?, how have we assembled them?, what are the disputes between the actors, the economic principles, the social values that have shaped the social organization, having democracy as a way of resolving disputes over the nation's projects? Latin American democracies are also a product of history and the contingency in which the decisions and strategies of the actors have reached balances that are not necessarily fair, nor do they respond to democratic values. That is why here it is preferred to speak of democracies in fractured societies, in which, paradoxically, discourse is used both to include and to justify exclusion.

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