Testamentos de mujeres indígenas Culhuacanas. siglo XVI. edición bilingüe

Ciudad de México: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Investigaciones sobre la Universidad y la Educación (serie: Colección escritos de mujeres siglo XVI al XVII), 2020. First Edition. Paperback. 245p., bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #78081
ISBN: 9786073037686

Selección, transcripción y traducción por Sofia Torres Jiménez

"Testamentos de Mujeres Indígenas Culhuacanas. Siglo XVI" is the sixth volume of our collection. It is a bilingual Nahuatl-Spanish edition of 24 wills dictated to Nahuatl scribes by indigenous women from the surroundings of Mexico City, between 1577 and 1589. It is the first time that these texts have been translated from Spanish. The testators express their free will to inherit their assets and are concerned that their provisions are respected. There are women with lots of land and assets, but there are also women with almost nothing more to inherit than a door and a few loads of wood. These testimonies are rich sources to learn about the material life of this group of indigenous women, their family relationships, the use of names and, above all, something unusual, to hear their voices, through a scribe, in their mother tongue.

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