Violencias que persisten. el escenario tras los acuerdos de paz

Bogotá: Editorial Universidad del Rosario, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Instituto de Estudios Politicos y Realciones Internacionales, 2020. First Edition. Paperback. 365p., maps, tables, graphics, wrps. New. Item #78001
ISBN: 9789587844634

Prologo by Roy Barreras
Epílogo By Oscar Naranjo General(r)

"Violencias que Persisten" accounts for the main forms of violence that refuse to disappear, despite the attempted peace in Havana. Throughout the chapters, several of the most disturbing questions that, today, haunt the public conscience of the country are investigated in depth: Why can't we build peace? What is fueling the Colombian violent conflict that returns and is recycled, no matter what peace initiatives stand in its way? In these pages a series of common knots intersect: homicide and violence; illicit economies and territorial control; and the new armed, political or criminal actors.

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