Juglares del bordo

Ciudad de México: NITRO/ PRESS (Colección Nitro Noir, 27), 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 172p., indices, wrps. New. Item #77934
ISBN: 9786078805082

The night of Tijuana and what moves in it; the misfortunes of the poor due to a precariousness that breaks up families and ties; business bets in a world that includes swindlers and mafias; the Mexican-American border, a corridor of stories that intertwine, interrupt and meet again; the fortuitous, god that comes and goes when he wants it; journalism as protagonist or mere witness... surrendered? All this and a sum of characters of precise flesh, in nine stories that turn the language of the street and the rhetoric of the media into literature, and that regulate the times of the story with remarkable mastery. With Juglares del Bordo, Daniel Salinas Basave shows that he is already a great writer of his country and language. A jury made up of Ana María Shua, Eduardo Lato, Mempo Giardinelli,

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