El viaje de Magallanes: 1520-2020

Punta Arenas: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas/ Instituto de Historia, 2020. First Edition. Paperback. 235p., maps, photos, illus., facsimiles, tables, wrps. New. Item #77713

"El Viaje de Magallanes: 1520-2020" has been published thanks to the National Fund for Cultural Development and the Arts, Fondart Regional 2020. It is a special edition of the Magallania magazine , published by the Institute of Patagonia, of the University of Magallanes, dedicated to the transcendence of Magellan's voyage, the first circumnavigation of the world. Under the coordination of historians Juan Pimentel, from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (Spain) and Ximena Urbina, from the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, the book brings together 10 contributions from prominent Chilean and foreign researchers, who address the crossing of the Strait, the cartography that began to account for the interoceanic passage and the immense ocean discovered, and the emergence of the peoples and cultures of the southern border.

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