Clarice Lispector: rostros, voces y gestos literarios

México: Embajada de Brasil/ Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 292p., photos, facsimiles, bibl., wrps. New. Item #77633
ISBN: 9786075550718

The book "Clarice Lispector: Faces, Voices and Literary Gestures" was presented , a work coordinated by the research professor of the Academic Unit of Humanities Studies (UAEH), Elsa Leticia Argüelles, which was moderated by Dr. Flor Nazareth Rodríguez Ávila and commented by university teachers, Javier Acosta and Mónica Muñoz Muñoz.

For this reason he said that “I feel honored to present this book and at the same time my honor is transformed into pleasure and empathy for two reasons: the first because it allows me a multidimensional and novel access to the work of the most important writer of at least the 20th century and so far in the present and the second question has to do with complexity, this book is a palpable example of the paths traveled by Mercedes Morán in her valuable theory through three great principles, dialogical, organizational recursive and hologrammatic

He added that critical studies around one of the most important writers of the 20th century in Brazil, Clarice Lispector, celebrate her existence, her place in universal literature and in Brazilian letters, since she has fostered unusual connections in her readers, who live in the epiphany of knowing his work and transforming their perception of reality in the construction and consequent deconstruction of his characters.

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