Seguridad regional en América del norte. una realión impugnada

Ciudad de México: Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de Mexico, 2020. First Edition. Paperback. 378p., bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #77209
ISBN: 9786074176759

In less than three decades, North America went from convergence to divergence. In this book, the reader will find keys to examine the conflict and cooperation between the United States, Canada and Mexico through the Theory of Regional Security Complexes and the conceptual approach of identities, interests and institutions, which allows distinguishing a projection of power and very unequal security in the neighborhood. In this way and in broad strokes, its historical evolution is presented, which goes from the 19th century to the Cold War, the convergence with NAFTA, terrorism, Hurricane Katrina, the war against drugs, migration and the sovereignty of face of the civilizing dilemma that Donald Trump represents for the region and the world.

Traducción de: North American Regional Security" trilateral framework? Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2012.

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