Ritos y prácticas funerarias: discursos y representaciones de la muerte: un acercamiento multidisciplinario e intercultural

México: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia : Centro de Estudios Mexicanos y Centroamericanos : Secretería de Cultura y Turismo del Gobierno del Estado de México, 2021. First Edition. Hardcover. 494p., maps, color plates, photos, facsimiles, graphics, tables, bibl., wrps. New. Item #76326
ISBN: 9786074903423

"Ritos y Prácticas Funerarias" covers vast fields of social sciences and opens up fruitful avenues of research. These pages examine the different types of burials, funeral and mortuary treatments, as well as the hierarchy of rituals, closely linked to the quality of the deceased. The second funeral, the exhumation, the symbolism of the patriotic funeral, the slow secularization of rituals and the emergence, also, of a right to death, are explored there. A rich and varied iconography accompanies each chapter and allows the descriptions provided by the authors to be followed attentively. The objective of this volume is to bring the public closer to a series of innovative reflections on a subject which never ceases to feed the central question of the meaning of existence: when the human being thinks of death, does not reflect. it not, in fact, to life?

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