Siete esqueletos decapitados

Ciudad de México: El Lado Oscuro Oceano, 2021. Second Edition. Paperback. 312p., wrps. New. Item #76318
ISBN: 9786077351047

The first installment in a series of chilling horror novels set in Mexico City. "Seven Decapitated Skeletons" introduces kidnapper Nicte, Lieutenant Guillén, and Sergio, a young man who quickly discovers that in order to solve the increasing numbers of vile murders in town, he must face true terror. He begins to understand his destiny, which ultimately saves his own life. A chilling horror novel set in Mexico City today will allow us also to know the most noble of some of its inhabitants side. How much fear can Mendhoza stand? Sergio does not know. He will soon discover that you need to know true terror to solve the mystery of the horrible murders, understand their destiny and, simultaneously, to save his own life.

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