Ciudad de México: UNIVERSIDAD IBEROAMERICANA, (Publicaciones de la Nueva Revista de la Filología Hispánica, X ), 2020. First Edition. Paperback. 522p., facsimiles, tables, graphics, bibl., indices, wrps. new. Item #76303
ISBN: 9786074177381

"El Arte De Imprimir" is a tribute to history's first industrial-grade movable type printing work would be misleading, as it actually makes a number of important contributions to the history of printing and design. One of them is that its gestation starts from questioning the widely accepted hypothesis until now, in which it is explained that essentially the movable types that were used in the printing of the 42-line Bible had been cast with the same matrix (mold). The second is to conceive of Peter Schöffer as the first graphic designer in history, for taking responsibility for the control of the entire editing process, and defining, together with Fust and Gutenberg, a production of interchangeable pieces within a production model. Without meaning to, they established, in our eyes, a capitalist structure. The third is the demonstration of the use of a model to carry out the editing process of the B42, and by which the traditional schemes of the manuscripts were maintained; it will be during the implementation of the process that Schöffer understands the possibilities of typography. Therefore, what we really have is the contribution of an in-depth study –from the typographical point of view– dotted with historical, technological and typographic aspects that make it more enjoyable to read.

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