Masacres obreras y populares an América Latina durante el siglo XX

Buenos Aires: Ediciones Imago Mundi, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 494p., wrps photos, tables, indices, wrps. new. Item #76166
ISBN: 9789507933677

Etymologically, this word comes from the popular Latin matteuca, which means "mace . " Its meaning is that of "carnage", which serves to name both the slaughterhouse of animals and the establishment of sale of meat; already towards the sixteenth century, in the context of the wars of religion between Catholics and Protestants, it was used in the sense that we give it today. Publishing a collective book that addresses the workers' and popular massacres in Latin America during the 20th century, has the objective of beginning to fill a historiographic void that allows, after a greater accumulation of knowledge, to enter into finer studies and a typification that the current state of historiography does not allow it to be carried out. It is important to point out that the idea of making a work that collects the workers and popular massacres that occurred in our countries during the 20th century, arose during the International Colloquium 80 years after the banana conflict:.

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