REINVENTÁNDONOS: Los retos de la Covid-19 y la nueva normalidad

Lima: Mitin Editores, 2020. First Edition. Paperback. 262p., wrps. new. Item #76096
ISBN: 9786124824821

Unexpectedly, an epidemic breaks out. The authorities are unable to contain it and scientists are puzzled. The epidemic claims thousands of lives. Borders are closed, strict quarantines are ordered, business life stops. What seems like an apocalyptic sci-fi movie script is the current situation that has dominated our lives for months, with no end in sight. Reinventing ourselves, the challenges of Covid-19 and the new normal bring together the views of various specialists on the impact generated and the change that awaits us in fields such as science, education, sports, culture or even in the ways of protecting ourselves of violence. But it also brings together examples of how, despite everything, and the null support of the State, Peruvians, once again, reinvent ourselves. Little by little, professions, trades and arts are finding, like a gang that advances through a desolate road, new ways of doing what they know in an uncertain and complex world. To this day, I don't know where this movie is going to end, but I know that when the credits appear on the screen, I will be busy, looking for a job or inventing one.

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