El azar En La Historia Y Sus Límites. Con un apéndice: La serie de la probabilidades dentro de la Emancipación peruana

Lima: Taurus, Penguin Reandom House Grupo Editorial, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 247p., indices, wrps. new. Item #76095
ISBN: 9786124256196

The commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Peru serves as a propitious setting for the reissue of this work by the historian Jorge Basadre. About half a century after being published, Chance in History and its Limits. With an appendix: The series of probabilities within the Peruvian Emancipation delves into that complex period of the country's history and draws lessons that are projected into our present.

While the first part of the book explores the possibility of chance in the historical evolution, the additional and more extensive part is dedicated to Peruvian Independence: the erosion of the Hispanic Empire in America; the reasons for the delay in independence; the examination of the Creole aristocracy; the comparison of the Emancipatory Revolution with the French Revolution; the external and internal tensions under which the life of republican Peru began; the empirical state and the social abyss. A key book to understand, two centuries away, the dawn of our republican history.

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