El año del viento

Lima: Editoral Planeta Perú and Seix Barral, 2021. First Edition. Paperback. 357p., indices, wrps. New. Item #75798
ISBN: 9786124379505

“In a market of wonders, what did Nina think she would find? A dice game? She was looking for a trip to the past, she says. She didn’t know that the past is a mansion with many doors. And many windows. And sometimes, it is also a cavern with no doors nor windows.” One afternoon shortly before the pandemic, an unexpected encounter brings a long yearned for ghost back into Nina’s life: Barbara, who she hasn’t heard from in almost forty years, observes her from the mist of the past. Memories emerge: the games, the candor, and the secrets of her youth come alive again, but this time, the memory illuminating them is devoid of all innocence.

In order to discover what happened to Barbara, Nina embarks on a trip that will take her—like a descent to hell—to a village nestled in the Andes that was especially punished during the years of political violence.

Halfway between a coming-of-age novel and a detective novel, El año del viento—written with sobriety and lyrical breath—invites us to turn our gaze to the brutal time of the internal armed conflict and the Shining Path, which is made up of thousands of anonymous stories marked by terror, loss, bewilderment, and, in some occasions, redemption.


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