La ley universal de la vida: desorden y modernidad en "La Celestina" de Fernando de Rojas

Madrid: Iberoamericana (Biblioteca Aurea Hispánica, 136 ), 2020. First Edition. Hardcover. 288p., boards. New. Item #73196
ISBN: 9788491921622

This work by Antonio Gargano, professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Naples Federico II and corresponding academic at the Royal Spanish Academy and the Royal Academy of Bones Lletres, is the result of more than two decades of study on 'La Celestina'. The author proposes a reading of the 'Tragicomedy' as a conflict between different value systems. Expression of a cultural process of secularization, with firm roots in an urban culture and a mercantile economy, in La Celestina, however, the relationship between the text and the world in which it is born cannot be understood in terms of mere reflection, but rather it presupposes the mediation of a literary resource, which refers to the theoretical model of ´commitment formation´, according to which comedy usually acts as a cover for the expression of content not accepted by the culture of the time.

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