La presencia de la orden del Carmen descalzo en la Nueva España: Interacciones, transofmraciones y permanencias

México, D.F: Secretaría de Cultura, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, (Colección Historia, Serie Memorias), 2019. First Edition. Paperback. 476p., illus., wrps. new. Item #72622
ISBN: 9786075393247

This volume presents the work of 21 researchers from various historical disciplines and historiographical currents who reconstruct part of the life of the order of barefoot Carmelites a religious congregation founded by Teresa de Jesús in Castile in the 16th century and which arrived in Mexico in 1585. The various approaches certainly cover the role of Saint Teresa in the history of the order, as well as the context, economic and cultural relations, interests and political affiliations in the social fabric in which the presence of the barefoot Carmelites in America developed.

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