Femenista en falta: contradicciones, relatos y preguntas de una revolución en marcha

Buenos Aires: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (Galerna), 2019. 1st Edition. Paperback. v, 276p., wrps. New. Item #71123
ISBN: 9789505567485

The author's intent is to raise debates on issues that cross society and also within the feminist movement itself. Funes asks, how do we (women) continue now that they (men) see us and listen to us? How can we renegotiate with our partners and colleagues and friends a new pact of coexistence based on parity and trust, avoiding the absurd simplification of thinking that patriarchy was only a construction of bad men subjecting naive and fragile little women? This work examines the sociopolitical role of women in patriarchal society and the subtleties of gender roles.

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