El hombre sin miedo: la historia de Sixto Muñoz, el último tinigua

Bogotá: Instituto Caro y Cuervo, (Serie Montes, 4), 2019. First Edition. Paperback. 189p., photos, wrps. new. Item #70812
ISBN: 9789586113793

"El hombre sin miedo: la historia de Sixto Muñoz, el último tinigua" tries to make a reconstruction of the history of the life of Sixto Muñoz Mauricio, the last known speaker of the Tiny language and representative of the historical and cultural legacy of the Tiny, but also victim and witness of the different forms of violence they have historically exercised in the country against vulnerable people and groups. It is about the story of a man whose subjectivity has been built from situations such as war, displacement, losses and loneliness. We do not intend, therefore, to encompass the life of Six as a concrete totality, but we also have an interest in presenting parts of its history, we are contagious about the episodes of its trajectory, and we try to understand the meaning that gives us a look at those experiences. added the testimony of other people who, in some way, help to complete and understand their history.

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