Muertes de Aurora

México, D.F. Luna Media Comunicación (Colección: Letra), 2018. Sixth Edition. Paperback. 192p., wrps. New. Item #70621
ISBN: 9786079736781

In "Muertes de Aurora", Gerardo de la Torre explores an unprecedented perspective on the student movement of 1968 -- that of workers. The text shows the difference between the workers and students, particularly their different origins and histories, but also highlights their struggles for freedom. As such, this panoramic novel brings together their shared discontent, providing an illustration of the degradation of politics and human relations at the time.

perhaps the only novel, of the more than thirty published so far on the 1968 student movement, which studies the participation of workers in this event (specifically the tankers attached to sections 34 and 35 of the Mexican Petroleum union) Published originally in 1980 by Ediciones de Cultura Popular, which was reissued this year by the Directorate of Literature of the National University (the legal page of this new volume, nonetheless inexplicably presents it as "first edition", with what seems like a late novel about 68) Gerardo de la Torre continues, in it, a novelistic path started in 1970 with General Rehearsal, whose theme is the coincidence in 1958 and 59 of the railroad movement with those of masters and oil tankers Characters and situations of both novels intersect.

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