Pecho Frio

Lima: Alfaguara, Penguin Random house Grupo Editorial, 2019. First Edition. Paperback. 330p., wrps. new. Item #69153
ISBN: 9788420435602

"Pecho frio" is a controversial and direct novel by Jaime Bayly that explores the place of homosexuality in Latin American society, challenging the status quo with humor and satire. The work centers on Pecho Frío, a common man who is married, lives in Lima, Peru, and works as a banker. He doesn't live a very exciting life, but also doesn't have anything to complain about -- that is, until the day he decides to compete in a TV program that offers him the opportunity to win a luxurious trip. All he has to do is a seemingly simple thing: kiss the host of the program. Reluctant, but also eager to claim his prize, he accepts the challenge, and before he even realizes it, he finds himself intertwining with another man, while everything is recorded on live television. A series of, one would say unfortunate events begins to unfold. His marriage breaks down, his colleagues reject him, and the ever-conservative Latin American society in which he lives turns him into a fool. But there is one advantage: he becomes the face of a LGBT organization and, somehow, his life turns toward the unexpected.

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