Migración, trabajo y asentamiento en enclaves globales. Indígenas en Baja California Sur.

Tijuana, B.C. and Mexico, D.F. El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas, 2018. First Edition. Paperback. 339p., maps, photos, tables, graphics, bibl., wrps. New. Item #68198
ISBN: 9786074792942

"Migración, trabajo y asentamiento en enclaves globales" analyzes the living conditions of indigenous workers and migrants who arrived in Baja California, Mexico in the last three decades, attracted by the employment boom in the horticultural and fruit export industry, as well as international tourism. The investigations in this work show that both agricultural migrations, as well as those associated with elite tourism, generate processes of segmentation, segregation, and ethnicization that, among other consequences, produce precarious working and living conditions for immigrants.

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