El lugar inalcanzable

Montevideo: Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, Alfaguara (Narrativa Hispánica), 2018. First Edition. Paperback. 307p., wrps. New. Item #67011
ISBN: 9789974888296

"El lugar inalcanzable" begins the morning of New Years day in 1992, in an inn in Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina, where a man appears dead in the bathroom. Still drowsy after the festivities of the previous night, the guests wait patiently to give their testimonies to the authorities. As they wait, a conversation between two of the guests unfolds, and the story veers off to tell the adventures of Jacinto Arnau. From his humble childhood in Montevideo, to his younger years in the service of Susana Soca in a
Nazi-occupied Paris, the conversation reveals the portrait of a man who has known the very limits of human passions -- the place where visceral love and hate merge.

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