Sustentabilidad y tecnología. Herramientas para la gestión segura y eficiente del hábitat. Volumen 2.

Guadalajara, México: ITESO (Hábitat Sustentable Contemporáneo), 2018. First Edition. Paperback. 202p., maps, photos, tables, graphics, bibl., wrps. New. Item #66878
ISBN: 9786078528844

"Sustentabilidad y tecnología" examines how technology can be harnassed as a tool to combat the negative effects of perennial human ecological negligence, and create effective strategies in favor of the environment and a safe and sustainable habitat. The work particularly centers around discussions and questions addressed at the International Congress on Sustainability in Habitats, held in 2016, which centered around two axes of global relevance: challenges related to the sustainable management of natural resources, and the use of technologies for sustainable development.

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