Los murmullos. Número 1; Boletín de la Fundación Juan Rulfo

México City: 1999. first edition. Paperback. 55p., wrps. Fine. Item #6656
ISBN: 072420015300

Los Murmullos was the first title that Juan Rulfo thought to give to the novel that would finally be published as Pedro Paramo. But there is no doubt that it has important resonances in the Rulfian universe. We wanted to collect it in this newsletter for this reason. And although they come from a reflection of a very different origin, it does not make sense to quote here also some words of Michel Foucault on language and literary work that open a space to the interpretation of the work of Rulfo in very relevant terms.

The language is, as you know, the murmur of everything that is pronounced, and it is at the same time that transparent system that makes that, when we speak, we are understood, in a few words, the language is at the same time all the fact of the you speak accumulated in the story and also the system of the language itself. So, we have here, on the one hand, the language. On the other, there are the works. Let's say that this strange thing inside the language that stops on itself, that is immobilized, that constitutes a space that is its own and that retains in that space the spill of the murmur, which thickens the transparency of the signs and words, and that erects a certain opaque volume, probably enigmatic. That is in sum what constitutes the work.

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