Obras completas XIII: aproximación psicoantropológica a los mitos andinos

Lima: IEP Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, (Historia andina, 48. Obras completas de Maria Rostworowski, 13), 2017. First Edition. Paperback. 142p., illus., facsimiles, wrps. new. Item #66340
ISBN: 9789972516566

"Obras completas XXIII" brings together Maria Rostworowski's essays on Andean mythology, written from a multidisciplinary perspective. Rostworowski also uses ethnographic sources and psychoanalysis in her approach. The work is divided into two main parts: "Hacia un estudio multidisciplinario de la mitología andina" and "Mitos y narraciones fantásticas del pasado Andino"

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